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George & Anna Scott Archives

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George S. Scott & Mary Hey Mary Hey George S. Scott Family Robert K. Scott

Sarah Jane Curtis Smith

Marie & Kathryn Smith

Maria Smith & Sam Dushane

George A Scott & Sam H Dushane



Anna Smith Simmons

George A. & Anna Scott

George A. Scott Farm House

George A. Scott Home & Farm

Children of George & Anna Scott

George & Anna Scott Family Gathering

Children of George & Anna Scott

 Family Gathering with Marie Dushane

In her childhood


Clark & Florence & _Bertha Reunion

Florence Jane Scott Best

Edmund K. Scott

Edmund & Mabelle Scott's 50th Anniversary


Edmund & Charles Scott

Sam & Laverna & son, Steven Scott

Charles M Scott as a child

Charles M Scott age 18



 Charles M Scott & Friend

Bill Scott

 Bertha Elizabeth Scott Teenage

 Clark Scott Child



 Clark Scott

Anna Sara Smith -Clark Scott & Aunt

Clark Scott At Father's Grave

Clark & Anna Smith Scott



Virginia Scott

Scott Reunion 1951

Scott Reunion 1951

Scott Reunion 1951



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Gladys M Scott Potts Per Scott Family two page letter

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 Anna Smith Scott Oldest Graduate New Albany HS 1878


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